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We have reached capacity for games at this year's JOS. While you are free to complete a form and return it to us, any applications will now be placed on a reserve list. Apologies for this, but demand for space at this year's show has been unprecedented.




The Joy of Six is an annual wargames show devoted to 6mm wargaming. It offers a refreshing change to any small scale gamer who wants to see the best that the scale can offer, and is an eye-opening experience for those who think that 6mm scale wargames are the poor relation of the table top gaming world. 

Starting from a handful of games at the initial small show in 2013, the Joy of Six is now an established event drawing attendees from not all over the World. The show itself has a unique atmosphere; busy, enthusiastic and overwhelmingly friendly. The emphasis is participation with most of the games falling into this category. The Joy of Six also has a couple of items unique to itself in the form of the Sunday Morning Grill where the Baccus team get interrogated about all aspects of the gentle art of making toy soldiers, and the Afternoon Panel, where a group of hobby luminaries answer questions from the floor about all manner of wargame related subjects.

The show has earned a fearsome reputation for the quality of games on show, the diversity of subjects covered and the friendliness of those putting on displays, trading and attending.    This year's event will be taking place on Sunday July 2nd at Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB.    Doors will open at 10.00 am and we will be kicking everyone out at 4.00pm.   

PLEASE NOTE: We have been asked by the university to point out that their excellent catering facilities are now cashless. All food and drink must be paid for by card. The nice thing about this is that leaves you with more cash to spend with the traders.

 Entry fee will be £4.00 for adults and £1 for children.

JOS 2023 Floor Plan


For those of you travelling by car, there is plenty of on-street parking near to the venue at reasonable rates, plus an NCP car park within comfortable walking distance.

Confirmed Games for
JOS 2023

Presenters  Title   Type   
 Alex Sotheran (Storm of Steel)  Bag the Hun D  It's late 1917 and Algy and chums have taken off on a dawn patrol over the western front. Unluckily for them, the dastardly Baron Von Reichs-Pudding and his flying circus have spotted them and dive down out of the sun! Watch those magnificent men in their flying machines do deadly duels in the dawn clouds!
The Entente Cordiale Bug Wars! P

The game is based on the film 'Starship Troopers', using the original 'Pony Wars!' rules as a starting point.

Do you want to know more?

Per Broden, Nick Dorrel and the Wyre Forest Wargamers Fraustadt 1706 D The Battle of Fraustadt took place on the 3 Febrary 1706. It was winter and the ground was covered by snow. The Battle was fought between a 10,000 man strong Swedish Army under the Command of General Carl Gustaf Rehnskiöld and a numerically superior Saxon, Polish Lithuanian and Russian Army of about 20,000 men, led by Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg.  The Swedish victory was decisive and led to the Peace in Treaty of Altranstädt with the Saxons. This allowed the Sweidsh King to start the Russian Campaign in 1707 that would culminate in the disaster at Poltava in 1709.

It is a Demo game but we encourage visitors to come and try a turn or two, or to talk to us about the period, the table itself and the Twilight of the Sun King Rules.

This is an improved version of this classical battle from Joy of Six 2012, re-using some of the old stuff, but making a new battle mat and utilising the new Baccus range with Swedes in attacking formations. It will be fun.

Benno de Groot The Painting Dutchman

WW2 Eastern Front

D More details to follow
Dan Hodgson Reveille Studio Up the Nile without a paddle! P The siege of Khartoum.
Charles Rowntree All Hell Let Loose Star Wars: Battle of Scarif P Rebel forces must assault the Imperial forces on Scarif to buy time to steal the Death Star plans. Lead rebel marauders and the X wings of blue squadron against stormtroopers, AT-ACTs and Tie fighters.
Legion of Blokez D-Day D Grand Tactical Game featuring the British and Canadian Beaches.
Can the Allies get to the outskirts of Caen? Scale is 3" to 1 mile.
Paul Clarke Verneuil 1424 P The Battle of Verneuil was a battle of the Hundred Years' War, fought on 17 August 1424 near Verneuil-sur-Avre in Normandy between an English army and a combined Franco-Scottish force, augmented by Milanese heavy cavalry. The battle was a significant English victory, and was described by them as a second Agincourt.
James Mitchell Rabb 1809 P Archduke John and his Hungarian Insurrection forces try to stop Eugene's Franco Italians at the Pancza Stream in fast based scenario using Sam Mustafa's Blucher Napoleonic rules.
MAD Gamers Science Fiction D U.N.I.T. tries to hold back the Daleks!
Deeside Defenders Leros 1943 Operation Taifun P This years game is set in World War II and is a German amphibious assault in the Mediterranean. An isolated British occupation force supported by a demotivated Italian garrison attempts to hold out against the combined assault of quickly assembled Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine forces.  Will you choose to defend the island of Leros and uphold Churchill's dream of a Balkan front or to strike back and secure this vulnerable corner of Hitlers Reich?
Chesterfield Open Gaming Society Vyazma 1812 D Russian forces attempt to cut the Russian army in two as it retreats back to the west.
Chesterfield Open Gaming Society

636 AD

P Qadisiyyah was an 3-day battle which took place in November 636AD between the Muslim Rashidun Caliphate and the Persian Sasanian Empire. It happened during the Muslim conquests of the Middle East, and marked a decisive victory for the Rashidun army early in the conquest of Persia. The Caliphate would eventually conquer the Sasanian Empire and all the land that is covered by modern Iraq and Iran would fall under Muslim influence.
Leeds Wargames Club Battletech P What if The Italian Job meets Kelly's huge mechs?

A bank, red white and blue mechs, police, and two armies trying to get the goods.

Battletech (Alpha Strike version)
Cold War Commanders Cold War 1985 P Cold War Commanders 1985 game. A mixture of display game and participation game with members guiding visitors through the game turn on a special area of the table.
North West Wargamers
The Battle of Yorkshire Bridge, 1945 P A big game based on the last major British battle before the crossing of the Rhine and the following end of the war. The rules used will be All Hell Let Loose. Either come and watch us push some lead and have a chat, or play a turn or two to see what you make of the rules!
SeaBee Games Tank Hunting for Veterans P East Prussia, autumn 1944.  Three Fallschirmjaeger armed with Panzerschreck are hunting Russian tanks.  Players control the FSJ.  Activity is determined by die-roll with reference to an activity table.  A games-master makes the Russian die-rolls.  Lines of sight and fire play a crucial role.
Peterborough Wargames Club Chef du Pont D/P It’s late on D-Day, and US Para’s are desperately trying to defend the town of Chef-du-Pont from German attacks across the flooded Marais Blanc until reinforcements may (or may not arrive). 6mm figure and ground scale using Too Fat Lardies I Ain’t Been Shot Mum rules. People will be welcome to dip and and out and roll dice.
Robert Dunlop Battles of Sari Bair and Suvla Bay D Demonstration game of the two major battles on the Gallipoli Peninsula in August, 1915. The first battle is Sari Bair, where the British and Dominion attempted to assault the heights above Anzac Cove. At the same time, British forces made an amphibious landing at Suvla Bay. The battlefields were contiguous geographically. We have modelled the 20km on one large table, showcasing the epic scale that can be achieved with 6mm.
Doncaster Wargames Society The Great EMU Wars, 1932 P Set in 1932, the Australian army takes on tens of thousands of hungry EMUs and....
Commission Figurines MDF Napoleonics D Generic Napoleonic game to display MDF figurines alongside metals.
Wakefield & District Wargames Society A Moonless night P A short participation game for one or more players, representing the leaders of a special forces raid during World War Two.
Luton Lancers Crusades P Game using Morten et Gloriam rules
Grantham Strategy Club Battle of Britain P Battle of Britain


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