The Joy of Six is an annual wargames show devoted to 6mm wargaming. It offers a refreshing change to any small scale gamer who wants to see the best that the scale can offer, and is an eye-opening experience for those who think that 6mm scale wargames are the poor relation of the table top gaming world. 

Starting from a handful of games at the initial show in 2013, the Joy of Six is now an established show drawing attendees from not all over the World. The show itself has a unique atmosphere; busy, enthusiastic and overwhelmingly friendly. The emphasis is participation with most of the games falling into this category. The Joy of Six also has a couple of items unique to itself in the form of the Sunday Morning Grill where the Baccus team get interrogated about all aspects of the gentle art of making toy soldiers, and the Afternoon Panel, where a group of hobby luminaries answer questions from the floor about all manner of wargame related subjects.

The show has earned a fearsome reputation for the quality of games on show, the diversity of subjects covered and the friendliness of those putting on displays, trading and attending.    This year's event will be taking place on Sunday July 3rd at Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB.    Doors will open at 10.00 am and we will be kicking everyone out at 4.00pm.   

PLEASE NOTE: We have been asked by the university to point out that their excellent catering facilities are now cashless. All food and drink must be paid for by card. The nice thing about this is that leaves you with more cash to spend with the traders.

 Entry fee will be £4.00 for adults and £1 for children.

For those of you travelling by car, there is plenty of on-street parking near to the venue at reasonable rates, plus an NCP car park within comfortable walking distance:


 Confirmed Games for 2022  
Presenters  Title   Type   
 JamesMitchell  Sudan Death  P Major Johnson's beleaguered column tries desperately to hold off the Mahdist force and reach the safety of the city walls supported by the City's Garrison and Nile Gunboat.
1-3 British Players cooperate and take on the Mahdists controlled by the game system
 Robert Dunlop  Gallipoli, August 1915  D This game will model the ANZAC attempt to capture Sari Bair ridge as well as the simultaneous British landings at Suvla Bay in early August 1915. It includes the Battle of Lone Pone, the capture of Chunuk Bair, and the ill-fated attack by the Australian Light Horse on the Nek.
 Charles Rowntree  Glorious Glosters; Imjin River 1951 P In April 1951 300,000 Chinese troops assaulted UN forces across a broad front just north of Seoul. It was the largest Chinese offensive of the Korean War. On the  Imjin river the Gloucestershire Regiment was dug in on several hills astride a key road. The Chinese crossed the river in great numbers and began attacking Gloster positions. Over the next 3 days the heroics of the Glorious Glosters would go down in legend.
A 6mm participation game on a custom board. Take on the role of Chinese or Gloster commanders and refight this epic battle!
 Cold War Commanders  Denmark, 1985  P A Cold War encounter between NATO and the Warsaw Pact centred around the crossing of the Kiel Canal.
 Per Broden Wyre Foresters  Lund, 1676   D
 Tim Carne  Gettysburg  D The three days of Gettysburg using Bloody Big Battles rules and featuring Baccus 6mm figures
 MadGamers  Horsell Common, 1895  P No one would have believed, in the middle of the 20th century, that human affairs were being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's. Over Horsell Common the steam and smoke are slowly lifting, marching in an unnatural manner the Martian machines push through all obstacles.
Facing them and prepared for the grim conflict are the hastily gathered local militia and regular units units some recently returned from South Africa still wearing their Khaki garb.
 Deeside Defenders  Khorramshah, 1980   P The Iran-Iraq War was the longest conventional conflict of the 20th Century.  In 1980 Saddam Hussain invaded Iran hoping to topple Ayatollah Khomeini's regime and establish Iraq as the dominant power in the Persian Gulf.  However, at the city of Korramshahr the Iraqi army was bloodied by the remnants of the Shah's regular army and the newly raised Revolutionary Guard.  In fighting reminiscent of Stalingrad can the Iranians hold the mechanised might of the Iraqis and preserve the Islamic Revolution or will Saddam secure his power in this oil rich region.
Mark Backhouse Nikopolis 48BC   A Roman army led by Calvinus marches to crush the Mithradatic forces of Pharnaces II and bring his hopes of restoring his father's empire to an end. But will the imitation legions of Rome's client knigdoms be able to perform while Caesar has called the best legions away to fight in the civil wars?
 Mark Backhouse  2nd Bedriacum, 69AD  P On the 24th October 69AD in the Year of the Four Emperors, two huge Roman armies met outside of Cremona on northern Italy. The subsequent battle would decide if Vitellius would remain Emperor, or Vespasian would usurp his position.
 Paul Murgatroyd/SOA  Chaironeia, 338BC  P  
 COGS  English Civil War  D Our game is set in the English Civil War, using the 'Liber Militum: Tercios' rules.
 COGS  Catalaunian Fields  P In June 451 AD, on the plains of Champagne in France, somewhere between the towns of Chalons and Troyes, a hastily assembled army of Romans, Alans, Visigoths, Franks, Burgundians, Saxons and Armorican Britons, under the command of the warlord Flavius Aetius, defeated an equally mixed army of Huns, Ostrogoths, Gepids, Franks, Rugians, Thuringians and Burgundians, under the command of Attila. The battle checked Hunnic aggression, and was the last large engagement in the Western Roman Empire, but did not secure its future. Just over 20 years later, the great city of Rome fell to the barbarians
 Milton Keynes Wargames  DBMM Ancients  P  
 Ian Fuller/SLW  Crusader 2  P This is a re-imagining of the Western Desert battles of WW2 but using late 80's/early 90's kit and OOB's.
 Yorkshire Renegades  One fine English morning D The morning mist lifts from the green Yorkshire valley. The Royalists face off against the Roundheads and their grey clad Scottish allies. Both sides hold a piece of high ground, the green fields of Yorkshire will soon be stained red....
 David Wasilewski  All Hell let Loose, WW2   D A friendly and informal demonstration game aimed at explaining the rules and showing what can be done with 6mm WW2 rules using the 'All Hell Let Loose' wargaming rules.
 Peter Ball  Chariot Racing  P  
 Daniel Hodgson  Little Big Horn P  
Wakefield & District Wargamers Calais or Bust P The English invasion of France became a triumph after the great victory at Agincourt but before that things looked very different.  Henry's great expedition had taken just a single town, Harfleur in a long and costly siege.  Any chance of achieving significant conquests was gone but rather than slink home Henry decided on a risky march across Northern France to the English possessions around Calais.
Seabee Games Tank Hunting for beginners P Particiption game, Berlin March 1945. Player)s) control a squad of four StuG tasked with locating and destroying 'a really big' Russian tank. Russian actions are die-roll determined by a GM. The game focuses on gaining and maintaining lines of sight and fire.
Commission Figurines Napoleonics in MDF  D A Napoleonic Spectacular featuring Commissions's MDF scenics and figures.
Gods Own Scale podcast/Sean Clark Guilford Courthouse  D Guilford Courthouse in 6mm using Black Powder.
Wing Commander Luddite Specialist Small Scale modeller  D Not a game - just some wonderful small scale goodies on show!

 Confirmed Traders for 2022
 2D6 Wargaming
Baccus 6mm
Brigade Models
Christopher Morris
Commission Figurines
Grumbler Miniatures 
Heroics & Ros
Kore Gaming
 Rapier Miniatures  
 Scotia Grendel
 Rob's Scenics



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